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Discussion section of dissertation examples

The discussion chapter is where you interpret and explain your results within your thesis or dissertation. This contrasts with the results chapter, where you merely present and describe the analysis findings (whether qualitative or quantitative ). In the discussion chapter, you elaborate on and evaluate your research findings, and discuss the. In this dissertation discussion writing example, we have also ensured that it is not just the summary of the found results. In this process, our dissertation discussion writing help experts first underlined and highlighted how their research has reinforced the existing known theory. Then, our experts outlined the new information and elaborated on how their research. You can consider key themes for organizing the dissertation discussion chapter. You should start by highlighting the most important results. Examples: In line with theory.

The result prove the claim that Contradict to hypothesized association. Scared with Looming Deadline, Buy Plagiarism Free Paper Writing Services Now Get A Free Quote Chat Now Examples of how you can start your interpretation in the Discussion chapter are –. “Findings of this study contradict those of Allen et al., (2014) that”, “Contrary to the hypothesized association”, “Confirming the hypothesis”, “The findings confirm that A is.. even though Allen et al., (2014) and Michael (2012) suggested B was...”. Good examples of a dissertation discussion sample can be found through the following sources. College and University Website Writing Help Often, students seek discussion section examples for dissertation writing is through their school website. Some schools have standards or guidelines they expect you to follow. One way is by referring the reader back to previous chapters, sections, or subsections. This process can generally be done at the end. You can put in a place holder until you know how your sections will be numbered. For example you might write: “In Section XYZ, the theme of. was discussed. Findings from this study indicate. As you can see very clearly in the dissertation discussion example image, it gives you a flawless recipe to craft a top quality dissertation discussion chapter anyone has ever seen! Here a few things that you should notice in the picture above: Summary of key findings State your interpretations Discuss the implications Acknowledge the limitations Discussion Section. This section has four purposes, it should: Interpret and explain your results; Answer your research question; Justify your approach; Critically evaluate your study; The discussion section therefore needs to review your findings in the context of the literature and the existing knowledge about the subject.

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Discussion section of dissertation examples

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