Weight Management During the Holidays

Since my birthday is one week after Thanksgiving, three weeks before Christmas and four weeks before New Year’s, I’ve always allowed myself to “free-feed” during the winter holidays. Unfortunately, I still haven’t taken off the weight from last year, so I’m going to have to stick to my strict contest-diet guidelines this year:

  • Weigh myself once a week on the same scale and at the same time.

  • Join a free, on-line calorie counter website. (They have the calorie content of most national brands as well as restaurant and fast food chains.)

  • Eat one cheat meal, or go to one holiday party per week. Wear my favorite high heels, spend all week thinking about the menu, but under no circumstances can I bring home any leftovers. In fact, I can’t even make my cheat meal at home—it’s too easy to extend the cheat “meal” into a cheat “day”.

  • No alcohol, except with cheat meal.

  • Verify my Lean Body Mass (LBM) vs. Fat weight through hydrostatic (under water) weighing. My LBM has dropped significantly over the last five years, which I believe has caused the slowing of my metabolism.