Staying Motivated

Getting motivated is easy, fun and exciting! The planning, the dreaming, and the immediate rewards give you the energy of a teenager in love; however, staying motivated is another story. There will be days that the act of putting on your running shoes will feel like an insurmountable task, much less the actual act of running. It’s days like this that you have to be satisfied with baby steps.

Your journey through life will be filled with days that baby steps are the only steps you take.

Tips for rekindling your motivation:

  1. Give yourself a break and recognize that losing your mojo is a normal phase of any journey. Putting yourself down will only keep you down. Acknowledge your slump, write a short list of short term goals and take baby steps to achieve them.

  2. Reflect on why you fell in love with this goal. Remember the good days and let the butterflies stir in your stomach.

  3. Reward yourself for the strives you have accomplished. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Damn. I’m good!” and mean it.

  4. Ask for help; that’s what friends are for.

  5. When all else fails, get your lazy butt out of bed!

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In 365 days I will turn 50 years old.  I’m giving myself 52 weeks to turn my life around: I'm going to take time for myself by eating better, exercising regularly, spending time with friends and family that support my goals and blogging about my progress (or regress) to keep myself accountable.

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